How to get subscribers for your mailing list?

Do you want to get more subscribers for your mailing list or ezine? A few tips!

Give a freebie

You can give new subscribers a coupon or something else that's valuable. For example, a pdf with useful tips. Also stress the fact that newsletter subscribers get more info than "ordinary" website visitors.

Archive previous newsletters on your website

When you sign up for a magazine you always take a look at their previous, right? The same goes for email newsletters. People want to get an idea of what to expect.

Only offer great content

Always send out great content to your list. Never send out low quality information to your list. Always stick with helpful advice that they will deem useful. Having a list of subscribers is not just about selling, it's about giving value.

Only ask the email address

A lot of websites also ask other information, like for example a phone number. Only ask what you want to have right now: an email address. You can ask more info later on.

Make sure that you have an unsubscribe link

Make sure that unsubscribing is easy and say that you will never sell the email adress. No one wants to get spam!

Make sure that subscribing is automated

Make sure that you're using software that automatically handles subscribing and unsubscribing. Emailadresses that are out of order will also be automatically deleted. This keeps your mailinglist clean!

Test for free?

Don't want to pay for a service that you haven't tested yet? We know a good service that offers a free account!