What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder lets you build a relationship with prospects so they will come to trust you. It is used to send out a series of sequential messages at a prescheduled interval. This makes it possible to sell products on autopilot: customers don't buy from people that they don't know.

For example: you write a series of 10 email messages. The first message is immediately sent after a signup. In that message you write that you will email more information tomorrow. The next day, the autoresponder will automatically send the right message to that new subscriber. The recipient thinks that you are sending these mails yourself and begins to trust you. Ofcourse it's important to send emails with valuable information.

The customer will come to trust you and you will sell more products. You aren't selling in a cold market anymore (= in a cold market, people don't know who you are, so they don't trust you).

An autoresponder is also used to sell a set of lessons or a training schedule, that you will roll out during a few weeks. The autoresponder will send the right lessons to the right people. Without an autosubscriber, you would have to keep track of every single subscriber and you would need to email the right lesson yourself. That's why we call it 'making money on autopilot'!

Test for free?

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