Advantages of a mailinglist

There are a lot of advantages of a mailinglist: low costs compared to traditional paper mail, detailed statistics, fast, effective,...

Non profit

A mailinglist is an excellent way to inform your members about your activities. It's fast and cheap!

Customer Relations

There are a lot of advantages in the corporate world. Most people read their emails a few times each day. An email list is very effective if you want to inform people in a fast way. You can use it to improve your sales: "today is the last chance to buy this product"!

Detailed statistics

Modern mailinglist software also offers detailed statistics. How many people opened the email? How many clicks on each link? Who clicked on which link?

This gives you a bunch of useful information. Let's say that you are a travel agency. Today you can send out a general email with a lot of great offers. The software then keeps track of who clicked on which link.

A second email can be more personal: an email for those who have clicked on offers about holidays in France. People who have clicked on links about Japan now only get detailed offers about that country.

Test for free?

Don't want to pay for a service that you haven't tested yet? We know a good service that offers a free account!