How do I manage a mailinglist?

Do you want to email a whole bunch of people? Have you noticed that it's not so easy as you would think? A lot of email providers use strict limits, for example you're only allowed to send 100 emails every 5 minutes. And that's not so funny if you immediately want to email 700 people!

Ofcourse there are a lot of software products that will help you with this. You can even choose to install software on your own server / hosting (like for example Mailman). But does that solve all the practical problems?

  • What if you have problems with installing the software?
  • Will the server send all the emails?
  • Has everybody received your mailing?
  • What will you do when the software crashes?
  • How may times will you have to manually update the software?
  • What if you want more functions, like for example statistics about who has opened your email and statistics about the clicks on your links?

Choose for an online mailing list service!

Test for free?

Don't want to pay for a service that you haven't tested yet? We know a good service that offers a free account!

Advantages of online management?

  • Automated email signup and unsubscribe handling (How to get more subscribers?)
  • Your mailinglist is accessible from any computer in the world
  • The mailing list is hosted on reliable servers, no need to install and maintain software
  • Your newsletters are sent fast through reliable mail servers
  • With autoresponder / folluw up emails for new subscribers (What is an autoresponder?)
  • There are numerous web services with years of experience and thousands of customers
  • There are even some services that have free versions for smaller newsletters!